"If you'll be my star. I'll be your sky"


Okay first Dair was compared to Seth and Summer and I was annoyed. First time EVER is not the same as first time together. THEN came that stupid speech that was basically STOLEN from Brucas. Like we need anything else taken from them. And now people are comparing them to freaking Ryan and…

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Top 30 TV NOtp’s…ships that make my stomach turn and my skin crawl

6. Jake & Olivia, Scandal:Shonda stop trying to make Olake happen…I was fine with them at first, until I found out her dad sent Jake to seduce and spy on her…yeah it became a big NOPE for me

5. Dan & Blair, GG: How about no?…tell me how the hell they go from hating each other to suddenly being in love? It was like the writers were thinking “who haven’t we tried to romantically link yet?” and we got Dair…Talk about random pairings….

4. Dawson & Joey, Dawson’s Creek: I was never on board the Dawson & Joey train/ship. Seeing them together was just…no….besides I thought they were better with Jen & Pacey

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I liked Dair’s friendship but hated their relationship because Dan and Blair are two totally different people, and not in a good ying-and-yang way. They ridiculed each other for four seasons and then just decided to emotionally flip the bird to the respective love of their lives (who they later…

People who are still clutching onto the pipe dream that is Dair:



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what's your biggest NOTP? (only one)


Dan & Blair, Gossip Girl

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Different scenarios of what Blair could have said to Dan’s ILY


Dan: I love you, you know that right?
Blair: Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, I was thinking about Chuck.

Dan: I love you, you know that right?
Blair: That’s nice, now go get me some macaroons.

Dan: I love you, you know that right?
Blair: Sure, if you say so.

Dan: I love you, you know that right?
Blair: Wait, what?

Dan: I love you, you know that right?
Blair: Sorry, but I was thinking about, breakfast at tiffany’s

Not even people who are unaware of Dair’s past think they will last.



I’m confused like

are there people who actually liked dair??¿?

Chuck and Blair Rant.


Caution: If you’re a Dair fan, you will not want to read this 

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